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What is BackupChecks?

BackupChecks is a tool to help you sell more Asigra backup and keep the costs of running your backup business down.
There are two parts – the Service Desk and the Customer Portal.
The Service Desk is the tool for your engineers. It helps them manage more customers quickly, find and fix recurrent faults across all DS-Clients and Systems and helps them give a proactive service to your customers.
The Customer Portal is for your customers. They can log in via smartphone, tablet or desktop to see real-time statistics about their backups. They can see which backups have completed successfully, what restores they have made and get detailed information about storage trends to inform their backup strategy.

Where is BackupChecks hosted?

BackupChecks is installed in your data centre behind your firewall and deployed in a virtual appliance.

What platforms do I need to run the virtual appliance on?

Install the virtual appliance onto VMware Virtual Infrastructure (ESX/ESXi).

What information about my company or my customers is sent to BackupChecks?

The only information sent to the BackupChecks license server is the number concurrent users for invoicing. No client information is sent to BackupChecks.

What browsers are supported for the customer portal?

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 and upwards.